Saranac PR derives its name from Saranac Lake, a small town in upstate New York.

The word ‘Saranac’ means cluster of stars to the Native American people of the region.

For ten years we, just like a cluster of stars, have formed a strong bond with our clients, the media and the public, allowing us to build reliable and trustworthy brands that people gravitate towards. And while we can help you grab the media spotlight through smart pitches and eye-catching media releases, we can also create engaging stories and clickable content for your digital channels and social media. We’re masters of content creation and telling stories that will attract and influence our clients’ target audiences. 

Public relations is our thing, and we can prove it.

Our West Leederville-based boutique consultancy has been producing public relations and communications packages for corporate clients throughout Western Australia, Australia and the United States since 2007. 

As a Saranac PR rule, each one of the consultancy’s projects is headed by Director Bonnie Bullock, who brings a wealth of knowledge and PR expertise to the table.

Originally from the USA, this PR specialist has worked at leading PR consultancies in Perth, Sydney and America, and has spent more than 20 years honing her craft. Her one-on-one, personalised service has seen her execute highly successful, world-class campaigns for some of Australia’s most prominent brands, and she has established Saranac PR as one of Perth’s leading boutique PR agencies.

The consultancy is a member of the Registered Consultancies Group in Western Australia, while Director Bonnie Bullock is a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. Bonnie was also appointed to the Breast Cancer Care of WA’s Board of Directors in 2012, a position she still holds.