The future of public relations… It's not enough to raise awareness anymore, we need to raise belief.  

Here at Saranac PR, we believe there’s more to public relations than media releases and column inches in the newspaper.  

We don’t just tell stories, we get audiences to listen.

We’re good at getting the right words printed on paper, but even better at getting them seen, heard and consumed by the right people at the right time. There’s no secret recipe to our ten years of success – we simply mix together words, out-of-the-box thinking, a strong work ethic and a sprinkle of personality to create engaging stories that generate audience interest and intrigue.  

We don’t just use old methods to get results,
we create new ones.

Gone are the days when public relations was just about achieving media coverage. Now PR is seen as the chief storyteller, and only PR can create credibility and build reputation. Although traditional media coverage is still significant, digital platforms are rapidly influencing audiences near and far. We use our digital knowledge and years of expertise to shape strategies that target the best of old and new worlds, which keeps us, and our clients, ahead of the game.